Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector Greater Performance

Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector Greater Performance

Greater performance – The new generation of Thermal Disinfectors from Miele Professional

Thermal Disinfectors convince with high cleaning performance and load capacity

An innovative heater pump enables both time savings and high standards of efficiency.

Newly developed spray arms with a revised nozzle design and arrangement of jets ensure full spray coverage.

An optimised water circuit and a significant increase in pump pressure at the injector nozzles guarantee the thorough and safe reprocessing of lumened dental instruments..

22 transmission or lumened dental instruments can now be reprocessed in a single cycle (transmission instrument capacity increased by 100% compared with previous series).

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  1. Alex M on December 26, 2020 at 1:27 am

    We purchased our Miele Thermal Disinfector for A$11,550 in 2012 for a new Dental Surgery in Sydney. There have been a number of major problems with the unit from day one. Unexplained error messages that could never be identified as the unit often stopped working. Defects from factory were discovered after 3 years, but out of warranty! This unit has cost thousands of dollars in repairs over the years. Also staff have found this machined actually rusts the dental instruments so we now only use it for washing plastic trays. Miele no longer service this unit and have passed it on to W&H (Pegasus). We recently received a quote for almost $2000 to repair a cracked sump. We have decided to dispose of the unit as it is not fit for purpose. Really regret buying the Miele Thermal Disinfector. A serious waste of money.