I Got The Best Cell Phone Plan In Canada!

I Got The Best Cell Phone Plan In Canada!

We were looking for cell phone plans in Canada that were cheap and provided enough data to survive for a month in this digital world.
Fortunately, we received a call from a gentleman in Vancouver and he provided us the best possible plan that we could hope for. Watch this 4 minute video to know all about it

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When you land in Canada, getting a local phone number would be one the first things you would do. From opening a bank account to getting a social insurance number, you would need a phone number for everything and it’s important that you get it as soon as possible as everything else depends on it.

Just like any other country, Canada too has a number of operators that you can choose from. There are three major ones, Bell, Rogers, and Telus. Throughout Canada you will hear these names regularly. The other operators that compete with these three brands are Fido, Koodo, Chatr, Public, and Virgin.

Without keeping any suspense, I can tell you that Public mobile is the cheapest one out here.
The cheapest plan is for $15 per month that will give you 100 minutes to talk within Canada with 250 MB of data and unlimited international texting.
If you have access to wifi and just need a number for formality, then this is the service provider that you should go for.

When I came to Canada, I took the cheapest plan at Rogers. The $25 plan which essentially is just talk and text. I could have gone for Public mobile and saved $10 but In hindsight getting Rogers was a great decision and I will tell you why in the next video.
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For now, let me tell you about the other phone plans
For 50 dollars a month, you can get unlimited Canada wide calling with 15GB high speed data. You can get this plan with almost any cell phone service provider.

And as you go higher up in the price range, the amount of data increases. There is a plan for rogers that gives you 100 GB to use per month for 160 dollars. The speed, however, will decrease after you have used the allocated limit which in this case is 100GB.

Now sometimes these companies have promotional offers going on. You will get the best offers during November’s Black Friday Sale or during December’s boxing day sale.

You can go to the company kiosks and ask them about the offers. Every mall would have these Kiosks. Also, people who already have a Canadian number get calls from these companies with promotional offers.

And recently, Ashar got a call from Koodo with promotional offers. The offer was good enough for the both of us to switch our cell phone providers.
We placed the order online and then had to wait for a couple of days for the sim cards to get delivered. We were so excited that we kept checking our mailbox everyday. We didn’t get any mail the first few times we checked, but one day we finally got them.

If we buy the phone plan from kiosk then somebody there would help us with the setup, but since we ordered it online, the entire setup was to be done by us. And since we were porting from a different provider to Koodo, our case was a little complicated.

Koodo did send us the instructions on how to do it but we had to spend a good hour of our life to execute the instructions and get the sim up and running.

And once everything was done, I inserted the sim in my phone and for the first time, I had cellular data in Canada.

The offer we got was a 35 dollar plan which gave us 5GB data per month along with unlimited Canada wide calling. But it also had approx 1000 minutes of international calling to 12 countries including India and the united states.

5GB of data was a little light but our average spending of cellular data was just 3 GB per month so we thought we will be ok with 5GB plan.

This promotion is still available at Koodo. So if you want it, you can give them a call and get this plan or try negotiating for an even better deal.

Hope you enjoyed this video, In next episode we will talk about how we got $700 total discount on two new phones. Subscribe to the channel so that you are the first person to know when the video is out.

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    Fido/Chatr are owned by Rogers.
    Koodo/Lucky is owned by Telus.
    Virgin Mobile is owned by Bell

    Unless you are going to go to the big 3(Telus, Rogers, Bell) you’re going to be to their companies that are cheaper but you’re not going to be getting the fastest newest speeds. You are going to be paying less, some cases without a contact. Some you need to bring your own phone. Just be aware while shopping around.

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    Even I got a call from Koodo probably 3 months back if I remember correctly and then I opted for 35$ plan. facing some network issues though. but kaam chalaau hai gujaaraa ho jaata hai. Bas bhai ek request hai video bahut banaa liye. Abb aap aur aapki family which includes patnabeats waale bhaiyaaa apne chahite Bashshar bhaiyaaaaa NS ghumne aa jaao… Empire Restaurant Indiranagar waala uske type shawarma bhi khaayenge aur meghna biryaani bhi khaayenge…aa jaao jaldi se fataafat..

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    50$ 15gb data, 1500min india calling by fido. Most of the providers are giving the same. Now i changed to BELL n totally fucked up. No coverage, stupid conditions, didn’t give india calling as promised, plan, connection changing or upgrading to new phone is impossible untill 6months.

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    This is common argument i get is about need and want. When i talk about getting better for certain amount GIG for data. People stated that they don’t need that much data. However, that what i am saying. it not about GIG/data it about providers not trying hard to giver more for better price. Another argument is can Bell Telus and Rogers can the cell providers give base rate plan of $80 unlimited Cad talk and text with 30-35GB unlimited data per month. One person state there is no now way or even possible. the truth it’s actually possible but the BIG 3 doesn’t want to. The question does consumers need affordability for home and mobility. YES is the answer. Rely on bonus data promotion where USA doesn’t hurt Canada creditability plus Samsung retail value 15% more than America. Promo is waste where better price is now need because the pandemic.