5 Best Free Yoga Apps For You in 2020

5 Best Free Yoga Apps For You in 2020

5 Best Free Yoga Apps For You in 2020.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Yoga integrates poses and breathing techniques to cultivate physical and mental well-being.
Yoga has many proven health benefits, from reducing body mass and the risk of heart disease to relieving stress and improving overall well-being. Yoga is great for people of all ages.
Here are the 5 best Yoga apps for you:
1. Yoga.com
Learn the correct way to do hundreds of yoga poses with the Yoga.com studio app, which gives you high-definition videos to demonstrate postures and breathing exercises. The search feature allows you to find poses based on type, level, and other factors.
2. Yoga Studio
Bring class anywhere and practice at your own pace with this yoga app. Choose between one of more than 80 yoga and meditation programs of varying lengths, purposes, and intensities. Pose blocks let you learn about popular combinations, such as sun salutations.
3. Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga encourages you to make yoga part of your everyday routine. It’ll show you more than 500 asanas in more than 200 yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes.
4. Simply Yoga
Start a yoga practice in your own space with Simply Yoga. Videos guide you through poses from yoga gurus as you complete 20, 40, or 60-minute classes.
5. Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga boasts audio and visual instructions to help you learn and optimize poses. Integrate your own music as well. This app tracks your practices and how many calories you’ve burned, making it easy to document your progress as a yogi.
So these are the 5 best yoga apps for you.

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    1) Yoga.com
    2) Yoga Studio
    3) Daily Yoga
    4) Simply Yoga
    5) Pocket Yoga….Not free in India.

  6. Martin E on December 25, 2020 at 12:43 am

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