PIRCH︱Explore Gaggenau Wall Ovens, Expresso System, and Vacuum Drawer

PIRCH︱Explore Gaggenau Wall Ovens, Expresso System, and Vacuum Drawer

Ovens are the heart of the professional, as well as the private, kitchen. The capacious EB 333, sculptural 400 series and flush 200 series each provide extraordinary and distinct baking experiences. There are a multitude of striking and intuitive configurations available. For example, couple the combi-steam oven with the vacuuming drawer and add sous-vide cooking to your repertoire. Or complement your choice of oven with the warming drawer or combi-microwave oven. You are only limited by your imagination.

Gaggenau’s Coffee Center:
The 400 series fully automatic coffee machine allow you to prepare coffee to a professional standard within your home. You can create customized beverages to cater for the individual preferences of your guests, instantly and with a minimum of effort. These are coffee machines that blend seamlessly into our oven combinations providing streamlined perfection.

Vacuum Drawer enables quick and convenient sealing of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit not just for sous-vide cooking

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