Kitchen Things | Premium European Cooking Appliances | Canterbury Home Show

Kitchen Things | Premium European Cooking Appliances | Canterbury Home Show – – Hi. Welcome to the Jones Family Business. This is the Kitchen Things stand. Let me take you through and show you a few items we have here. So firstly here we have the SMEG fridge freezer. This is a french door fridge freezer. Two doors at the top. So fridge at the top here, and of course a freezer at the bottom. The good thing with this fridge it does something that a lot of the others don’t do. Is that, say Christmas time when you invite over your family and friends, this bottom compartment here that’s freezer can be converted to fridge at the push of a button. So you have a lot more fridge space there for maybe some wine or some beers. Great fridge, four door, the french door style starting taking over now, becoming very, very popular. To my side here, we have the side by side fridge, in the black finish very, very popular. So fridge on the right… freezer on the left here. This is your ice maker. So at the push of button now we can have chilled filtered water, we can have ice, or for your margarita you can have crushed ice. Moving on… We have the 50’s style fridge freezer here. So this is based on your old 50’s style. Comes in various sizes, there’s a huge range of colours available as you can see here, even a Union Jack if you wish to have one like so. Much the same as the old ones, with freezer compartment in here. Quite popular. And then for the wine connoisseur… We have the wine fridge here. Now this one has two temperature zones. Top one and bottom one, so you have an area for your red wine or your white wine or your Rose` You can change it accordingly, change the temperature accordingly. Comes as you see it here, in black or it comes with a stainless steel finish. Comes either way. And of course we have a full range of SMEG oven’s here. This particular one here is quite popular. Has the induction top, that’s becoming very, very popular now-a-days. Super fast, amazing controllability, and of course easy to clean. The oven itself, is a triple fan oven. Which gives a very nice even heat, it’s also a pyrolytic oven what that basically means it’s a true self-cleaning oven, and I mean true self-cleaning. It’s quiet handy because it comes with a rotisserie, and its been known they can be a bit messy, So having this self-cleaning is very handy for that oven. And it’s a multi-function oven so its fan bake, conventional bake, fan grill, normal grill, does it all. And we also do dishwashers here, stainless steel and white. And of course the pull out cutlery tray here. So if you wanna come and see them in the flesh, come down to the Canterbury Home Show. We look forward to seeing ya.
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