🌵 10 Best Budget Laptops under RM3000 in Malaysia

🌵 10 Best Budget Laptops under RM3000 in Malaysia

🌵 10 Best Budget Laptops under RM3000 in Malaysia | Lemongrass. Here are our editor picks:

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00:51 #1 – Dell Inspiron 15 3000 (3515) Best cheap laptop under RM3000 overall (RM1,959.00)
🛍️ Shopee: https://toplistt.com/nlXD
🛍️ Lazada: https://toplistt.com/mXu3

03:58 #2 – Huawei MateBook D15 2021 Best affordable/value laptop under RM3000 (RM2,299.00)
🛍️ Shopee: https://toplistt.com/ILOB
🛍️ Lazada: https://toplistt.com/eGSx

06:38 #3 – Acer Aspire 3 (A315-56-36X5) Best laptop under RM3000 for video editing, programming (RM2,159.00)
🛍️ Shopee: https://toplistt.com/SOla
🛍️ Lazada: https://toplistt.com/3oYT

09:22 #4 – Acer Enduro Urban N3 Best laptop for students (RM3,699.00)
🛍️ Shopee: https://toplistt.com/vNNM
🛍️ Lazada: https://toplistt.com/m1Ix

11:47 #5 – HONOR MagicBook 15 Another best laptop for students (RM3,699.00)
🛍️ Lazada: https://toplistt.com/0igH

14:21 #6 – Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 1 (14) Best cheap Windows laptop (RM1,329.05)
🛍️ Shop: https://toplistt.com/HOcN

16:53 #7 – HP Chromebook x360 11 G3 Best cheap touchscreen laptop (RM1,099.00)
🛍️ Shopee: https://toplistt.com/pApd
🛍️ Lazada: https://toplistt.com/hOCJ

19:35 #8 – Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Best cheap Chromebook laptop (RM1,999.00)
🛍️ Shopee: https://toplistt.com/o6Io
🛍️ Lazada: https://toplistt.com/O2a7

22:04 #9 – Apple MacBook Air (M1) Best budget MacBook (RM4,399.00)
🛍️ Shopee: https://toplistt.com/TRCF

24:19 #10 – Acer Swift 3 Best cheap Linux laptop (RM2,319.00)
🛍️ Shopee: https://toplistt.com/UrQb
🛍️ Lazada: https://toplistt.com/MRJU

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Is it true that a higher price equals good quality? Of course, the vast majority of laptops with high-end specifications come with hefty price tags. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should tolerate inferior quality if you are on a tight budget.
Choosing the right laptop could be a headache, especially when the price is a concern. While you want to get the worth out of every penny spent, bear in mind that you can’t have everything. Always remember the three tips here when picking a decent laptop that’ll fit your bill.
Whether the laptop is for gaming or student work, here are the top laptops in Malaysia below RM3000, with brands from Lenovo Ideapad, Huawei Matepads, Dell Inspiron and more.


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