Top 100 PS2 Games According To Metacritic…in 10 Minutes

Top 100 PS2 Games According To Metacritic…in 10 Minutes

As requested – the Top 100 PS2 Games – According to Metacritic!

The critics rated them and this is how it all comes out in the end!

See the complete list here:

(If you don’t know what Metacritic is, please take a moment to look it up)

Unsurprisingly, there are a large number of sports game on this list. That’s just how it is – many sports games are professionally produced high-quality pieces of electronic entertainment; though some people may not care for the genre, it does not change the fact that they are a dominant force – and the sales numbers back them up.

Note that I’m disabling all comments for this video for the simple reason that for every one well-thought out and intelligent comment, there will be 19 people complaining about sports games, and then calling me names because they don’t understand the concept of “according to metacritic” – even though it’s in the title … and in the description … and in big letters on the opening screen of the video…