Miele Laundry Part 3: Laundry efficiencies and drying

Miele Laundry Part 3: Laundry efficiencies and drying

Miele’s washing machine will certainly wash and clean your clothes to perfection but find out how efficient the machine also is to ensure water and energy are not wasted. In addition, no laundry session is complete without drying the clothes. Therefore, the final video concludes with Good Housekeeping’s Style Director Lori Bergamoto and Miele’s Jared Costa sharing the benefits of a #ventless heat pump dryer.

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Miele – Immer Besser.

Since its establishment in 1899, Miele has followed its brand promise “Immer Besser” (Forever Better) in the manufacturing of all of its home appliances, including cooktops and ovens, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and coffee machines, as well as commercially and medically used machines.

Miele stands for excellent results combined with the lowest possible energy consumption in your home. This applies to the care of your laundry, flooring, and dishes, as well as exploring the boundaries of your creativity while coming up with culinary delights in the kitchen.