Canada has the BEST and CHEAPEST Cell Phone and Internet Plans (maybe?)

Canada has the BEST and CHEAPEST Cell Phone and Internet Plans (maybe?)

Last Sunday, Robert Ghiz, president and CEO of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, published an opinion piece in the Toronto Star, stating quite simply that Canadian telecom providers offer some of the best and most affordable telecom services in the world.

Link to article:

So let’s dive into the CWTAs claims, and where they’ve found their evidence. Let’s look at some of the studies out there and come to our own conclusion.

We’ve looked through four different studies across both Wireless and Broadband services, here are the links to the studies for your reference:

Price Comparisons of Wireline, Wireless and Internet Services in Canada and with Foreign Jurisdictions 2019 Edition

The Inclusive Internet Index 2020 by The Economist

Understanding Affordability Of Consumer Mobile Wireless Services in Canada by PWC

The price of fixed-line broadband in 211 countries


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    Paul, do a video on Australian cellphone plans. They are much cheaper than Canada`s. Canada is like Australia: they are both giant countries with small, spread-out population. But Australia’s cellphone rates are cheaper. Australian prices include taxes, for Canada`s prices, taxes are added on top. .