Best Laptops For 3D Animation & VFX in 2020 | Animator's Resource

Best Laptops For 3D Animation & VFX in 2020 | Animator's Resource

Choosing a new laptop is a big decision. Not only is it expensive but the time and effort put into finding ‘the one’ leaves you drained and willing to settle if you make the wrong choice. So in this video, I put together what to look out for when you are searching for when you buying a laptop based on what you want to do to create your animations.

I am an animator first and foremost and as much as I do have knowledge on how computer components work, a lot of the information, if not more was found here:

Laptops Mentioned in this video:

MSI GS65 Stealth Ultra Thin Gaming Laptop

Omen X2S by HP

Lenovo Legion Y740

Budget Animation Build Kit ►

Balanced Animation Build Kit ►

Performance Animation Build Kit ►

Professional Animation Build Kit ►

MASTER Animation Build Kit►

**My Computer Build**
Excalibur XT Kit ►

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