TOP 7: Best Cell Phone Signal Booster 2020
1. SureCall Flare 3.0 –
2. weBoost Drive Sleek OTR –
3. SureCall EZ 4G –
4. Cel-Fi Go X –
5. weBoost Home Room –
6. SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 –
7. HiBoost 15K LCD –

7. HiBoost 15K LCD: It is one of the most powerful cell phone signal boosters for homes, covering up to 15,000 square feet; thus, it is ideal for large homes and offices that need a more reliable cell phone signal. There are LCDs on the front of the boosters showing signal strength on each of the covered bands. It offers up to 70dB of gain, the maximum power permitted for the FCC’s consumer signal boosters.

6. SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0: It provides the max gain and power possible for an in-vehicle cell phone signal booster, ensuring seamless connectivity for all users inside any car, truck, or SUV. The 2XP technology of this booster provides twice the signal power to the tower compared to the closest competitor to keep all devices connected in the weakest of signal environments.

5. weBoost Home Room: It features a desktop inside antenna that can be placed on any flat surface and an outside antenna that can easily mount to a deck railing. With a more reliable signal, you’ll experience faster internet connections for streaming in your home or home office.

4. Cel-Fi Go X: This booster only amplifies one cell carrier at a time but amplifies the signal by 40 dB more gain than other signal boosters. It comes with a 1-panel antenna allows you to boost signals in buildings up to 10,000 square feet in open space, or up to 1,500 square feet on one floor in a typical home or office. The outdoor directional antenna allows you to point in the nearest tower’s direction to improve both signal strength and signal quality.

3. SureCall EZ 4G: The revolutionary SureCall EZ 4G cell phone signal booster sets up in minutes, increasing cellular signal indoors without the need to drill holes or mount an outdoor antenna. It comes with built-in antenna collects and amplifies cell signal received from the cell tower. This booster includes a removable stand and adhesive mounting tape for direct window mounting and is powered by a standard wall-outlet AC power supply.

2. weBoost Drive Sleek OTR: Meet up the all-new weBoost Drive Sleek OTR Truck Cell Phone Signal Booster. This cradle-mount booster is designed to withstand the forces of nature with an omnidirectional, weather-resistant 17-inch antenna. It also includes a 3-way CB antenna mount, a mast extension, and side exit adapters. With an uplink of 25.6 dBm, a downlink of 2.5 dBm, and up to 23 dB max gain, the weBoost Drive Sleek OTR offers stronger cellular signal for a single device all networks and all carriers.

1. SureCall Flare 3.0: It boosts a weak signal up to 3, 000 square feet in an omnidirectional pattern and is suitable for multiple room coverage for those who don’t want a complicated install. This signal booster provides more coverage than the original flare thanks to its longer-range directional outdoor antenna. It also comes with a Yagi directional antenna and combines the indoor antenna and signal amplifier for a simple setup.

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