50+ Tested! What's the BEST Wallet Cases for the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max?

50+ Tested! What's the BEST Wallet Cases for the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max?

Now I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t been a big fan of iPhone wallet cases. They’re very awkward. BUT since I’m all about finding the best accessories, I had to find out if 2018 had anything better to offer.

So I set out to answer the question: What’s the best iPhone Wallet Case for your iPhone?

Here’s the TL:DW list:

Best overall iPhone Wallet Case: Mous Limitless V2 w/ wallet cover. Get 20% off by using the code: MobileReviews203CG8D @ https://mous.co

Best wallet replacement iPhone Wallet Case: Burkley Bi-Fold Magnetic iPhone Wallet case. Get yours at: https://mreh.ca/2KNXMks

Best leather folio: Nodus Access Case III. Get 5$ off by using the code: NODUSMOBREVEH18 @ https://mreh.ca/Nodus

Best On-The-Go iPhone Wallet Case: Vena vCommute. Get yours at: https://mreh.ca/2KLJelg


Normal iPhone Wallet Cases: 00:02:29
Max-sized iPhone Wallet Cases: 00:09:49
Simple folio cases: 00:13:25
On-the-go Wallet cases: 00:18:05
Has my opinion changed?: 00:21:31

If you need alternatives, keep scrolling!


1. Mous Limitless V2 w/Wallet (Get 20% off by using the code: MobileReviewsEh20 @ https://mous.co)
-Removable case is EXTREMELY TOUGH
-Cash elastic
-Card slot on the back of the case
-Wallet accessory ~could be used with another case


iPhone accessories are suppose to make your life easier. Most manufacturers do a half-assed job with their designs and it shows. Mous takes a different approach and tries to figure out HOW to make the iPhone as useful as possible.

Mous’s eco-system of accessories is smart and useful. And their cases are INCREDIBLY tough. Don’t believe me? Watch the full review: https://youtu.be/eBh4oWvW_fQ

2. Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Cases (https://mreh.ca/2KNYbDu)
-Real leather
-Removable case
-higher than average card capacity
-has cutout for front facing speaker

-Bottom edge is a little sharp

So much leather. So much HIGH quality leather. If you appreciate the finer things in life, the Burkley case isn’t going to offer a great, real leather iPhone handling experience!

3. Zover (https://mreh.ca/2KI4yYI)
-Real leather
-Sim card expansion
-Magnetic mount compatible

-Thin case
-Can’t hold as much

Out of the top three wallet iPhone cases, I would say that the Zover product is the budget product that still uses REAL leather.

4. TwelveSouth BookBook (https://mreh.ca/2KKjiGO)
-Looks unique
-Real leather
-Removable case (sort of)

-No latch

The BookBook is a staple when it comes to iPhone wallet cases. The latching feature is neat.

5. Silk Innovation Keeper of Things (https://mreh.ca/2KHYWOd)
-Wrist strap
-Different type of latch

-Not real leather?

The most affordable case in this list. The latching system on this product is quite nice.


1. Burkley Bi-Fold Leather case (https://mreh.ca/2KNXMks)
-Massive storage capacity


12 cards and two pockets. I don’t think I know anybody who would need more space in their wallets…

2. Nomad Tri-Folio (https://mreh.ca/2KK5H27)
-Great handling case
-Unique design

-Awkward to use

I enjoyed using the Nomad Tri-Folio. The design of the case is a little different and wasn’t too hard to get use to.

3. UOLO Folio (https://mreh.ca/2KIo2wj)
-decently priced
-unique texture

-wont’ last as long as leather cases
-removable case isn’t as tough as other cases


1. Nodus Access Case III (Get 5$ off by using the code: NODUSMOBREVEH18 @ https://mreh.ca/Nodus)

-micro suction technology
-large pocket

-no latch
-not as tough

1.1 Nomad Rugged Folio (https://mreh.ca/2KHzybk)

-great case
-wears well
-decent capacity

-no latch

3. Apple Leather Folio (https://mreh.ca/2KHAhcy)
-It’s an Apple product?
-Real leather
-flap works well despite being overstuffed



1. Vena vCommute (https://mreh.ca/2KLJelg)
-Smart design
-Useful design

-Not compatible with Qi-charging

2. Ghostek Exec 3 (https://mreh.ca/2KKmAKa)
-Unique design
-Works with Qi-charging

-Maybe too different

3. Muijo Leather Wallet (https://mreh.ca/2KLw3AC)
-Quality leather
-Simple, no fuss case

-Exposes your iPhone a bit more

4. Poetic NuBuck case (https://mreh.ca/2KQtWff)
-Nice finish

-Not protective


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  8. Melvin Veach on January 22, 2022 at 4:57 pm

    I have the Apple folio and I love it! I tried multiple others but the quality is great. Easily holds 3 CC and cash and lays flat because of hinge. It replaced my wallet so I don’t mind spending the $130 as that’s what I would spend on a good wallet and phone case. I had for my X and now for 11 pro it’s build is great. Also the sleep wake feature is awesome and entire case is leather with the aluminum power and volume buttons. The cover slides over easily for photos as the leather is very soft. 👍🏻 highly recommend!

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